DutyBox Interior - Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner, All Purpose Household Cleaning Product


You can use it on ceramic, glazed, and porcelain tile and grout, shower walls, toilets, tubs, and glass shower doors. Safe on glass, mirrors, stainless steel, electronics, marble, countertops, tiles and more! The anti-fogging and streak-free formula ensures no smudges are left behind, which comes in handy when cleaning reflective surfaces.
  • With our streak-free formula, you don’t have to cover the same spot twice, which makes the entire process fast and effective, unlike what you experience with what you get from our competitors. It doesn’t take many squirts for it to do its job, and it will create sparkling clean glass, mirrors, and plastic surfaces both in your home and in the car. Quickly and effectively remove any dirt, grime, and fingerprints to bring the sparkle back!
  • You do not need to throw your bottle away in the trash; when finished with it, just fill it with spray mix, insert the refill pod, and screw the trigger sprayer back on to make a new cleaner bottle. No more throwing away single-use cleaning products, which will help you save your hard-earned money.
  • The ingredients used leave glasses spotlessly clean and evaporate quickly, speeding up the cleaning process. Nonionic surfactants (alkyl polyglucosides) increase its washing power without damaging your hands or affecting your overall health. It contains no alcohol or ammonia and is therefore safe on smartphones, tablets, tvs, etc. For best result, use a microfiber towel.
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