Daisy Pure and Natural Sour Cream, Regular,16 ounces


What makes Daisy America’s favorite brand of sour cream? It could be the fresh and delicious taste, the rich and creamy texture, or that it’s made from simple, wholesome ingredients – with no artificial additives or preservatives. Perfect for dolloping baked potatoes, Daisy Pure & Natural Sour Cream, 16 oz makes every dish irresistible. Whip up something fresh and fun with Daisy Sour Cream today. Add rich flavor to main dishes like baked potatoes, tacos, chili, and casseroles, or jazz up zesty dips and sides and enhance fluffy baked goods and creamy desserts for a delightfully delicious taste and unbeatable texture.

For more than four generations, Daisy Brand has been a family-owned and run company that believes that good food tastes better with a dollop of Daisy. Try Daisy Sour Cream as a delicious complement to your favorite dips, main dishes, and desserts. Everything’s better with a dollop of Daisy!

  • Perfect for dolloping baked potatoes
  • Made with only Pure & Natural ingredients
  • No artificial additives, preservatives, or No rBST*
  • Grade A and Kosher
  • Everything’s better with a dollop of Daisy
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